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Server Commands

Here you will find a list of all the commands available on WWV. The commands below are divided into two parts:


View the current server ranks, this also shows you the amount of score needed for each


Display a list of support class commands


View all WWV classes and their information (weapons, rank required, abilities etc...)


Display a list of player who are top ranked in the server (according to multiple stats)


Time remaining for the nuke bomb to be fully functional


Display WWV teams with their member count, in addition to arenas and on duty admins


Change / set an Email


Turn on WWV's radio


Display a help menu that explains important WWV features


Display the server rules


Resets all your stats, beginning a new life (access levels and other information are not deleted)


Display a guide on how to call an airstrike


Display a guide on how to launch the toxic bomb


Display a guide on how to launch the nuke bomb


Display a guide on how to activate the swap machine


Sends a message to online admins for additional help


Display the current bonus on a zone


Display the current bonus player

/addbonus (amount)

Increase the bonus cash on the bonus player

/backup or /bk [type]

Sends all team members a message of you requesting backup. Backup Types: Urgent, Air, Land, Sea

/getid [part of nick]

Get the ID of any part of a nickname you enter

/getids (part of nick)

Get the list of players sharing the phrase you entered on their nickname


Display a list of server information


Display a list of online donors


Display your pending alerts (if present)


Report a rule breaker to online admins


Register an account and save your stats every time you logon


Display the current message of the day that gets displayed when you join the server


Change your current account password


Change your current nickname


A list of all the achievements a player can unlock


Display your team mates and the current zones captured by your team


List your team's captured zones (detailed)

/order (msg)

Send a message to your team members in the form of an order

/tr (msg) or !(msg)

Chat with your team mates only

/whisper or /w (msg)

Send a message to all the players close to you

/pm or /m (name/id) (msg)

Send a private message to a player

/ircpm (irc user) (msg)

Sends a private message to an IRC user through our bot Ped

/dnd or /nopm

Activate / deactivate receiving private messages from anyone

/disguise or /dis

Disguise as other teams

/spycam or /scam

Sneak-in on enemy bases from the monitor in area 51


Display your current rank name


Display a list for you to choose your prestige weapon (score required: 50,000)

/sam [name / id]

Activate a sam on the nearest (or specific) close pilot


Display a menu for you to paratroop over crowed zones and bases

/jetpack or /jp

Spawn a jetpack


Restore your health for a certain amount of cash


Restores all your team mates health and gives your score along with cash on each heal


Plant a bomb that explodes after a short period of time


Plant a mine under you where it explodes when an enemy steps on


Sets a bomb on the vehicle you are in where it explodes if anyone enters it (kills are credited to enemies)


Fix the closest vehicle to you for certain amount of cash


Support close team members with Molotov (class required: pyroman)


Support close team members with 30 seconds invisibility and 20 seconds airstrike flare


Support close team members with grenades


Toggle the server clock (disable sets the time to 12:00)


Display your account settings


Equip your helicopter with pads


Ask the server for instant death after 5 seconds

/spawnpoint or /sp

Change your default spawn point to a zone (must be captured to your team)


Drop the weapon you are holding (disappears after 10 seconds if not picked up)

/changeclass or /sc

Request a class change after 5 seconds

/changeteam or /st

Request a team change after 5 seconds

/stats or /sts [name / id]

Display your (if no name entered) or other online player's full stats

/spree [name / id]

Display your (if no name entered) or other online player's spree and session stats


Force the server to sync you if your connection is slow or you are bugged

/fire or /fr

Flame near-by enemy vehicles

/locate or /loc (name/id)

Set an arrow pointing at a player on your screen

/givemoney or /givecash (name/id) ($cash)

Give someone a certain amount of your money

/eject (name/id)

Eject a specific player from your vehicle (must be vehicle driver)


Eject everyone from your vehicle (must be vehicle driver)

/clearmychat or /cmc

Clear your chat screen

/achievement or /ach

Display all of your earned achievements


Create your own clan
Note that:
- You need to add 3+ members to your clan or else the clan will expire in 24 hours of creating it.
- A rank 9+ needs to join the server once every 2 weeks or else the clan will expire.


Display the clan menu


Leave the clan that you are currently a member of


Invite a member to your clan


Set the clan points of a clan member.


Add to the current amount of clan points of a clan member


Set the rank of a clan member (1 to 10)


Join a clan that you have been invited to or is opened for joins


Kick a clan member from your clan


List all available clans


Display all of a clan's members


Chat with your clan members


Delete your clan


Request to start a clan war with a chosen clan.


Accept a clan war invitation


Reject a clan war invitation


Join an open clan war


Leave a clan war
Note that:
- If the clan war is active, all members will be kicked from the war and the war will be paused waiting for members to join.


Enter the clan war manage dialog where you can start/end a clan war or kick a player.


View the current active clan war status.


Chat with the clan war members (also accessible with ›[msg]).


Create a group


Change your current group name


Leave the group that you are currently in


Invite a member to join your group


Transfer group ownership


Request to join a group


Kick a member from your group


List a specific group members


List all current available groups


Chat with your group members


List of all current duels


Stop receiving duel invitations


Invite a member to start a duel with you


Cancel and leave an ongoing duel


Accept a duel invitation and start the duel


Cancel a duel invitation


Start watching a duel


Stop watching the current duel

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