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Server Rules

World War V is an international server. You are allowed to speak any language you wish to.
The following rules may change at any time. Staff members may enforce the rules in any way they see fit. So please stay updated. The most important rule of all: use common sense.

  • Team death-match

    This is a team death-match server. You must choose a team to play. Alternatively you can choose to play as a mercenary and on your own. Choosing to play on a team means that you should support and help your team-mates too. Playing as a team is what gives WWV its own special taste.

    Teaming is only allowed between members of the same team. Hence, players are not allowed to team as Mercs with other teams nor anyone is allowed to team with anyone else in any arena!

  • No cheats allowed

    Do not use any hacks/cheats or mods that might give you any kind of unfair advantage over other players. Certain mods that change your gaming experience are allowed.

  • Respect others

    Racism, Flooding, or Spamming players is not allowed. This includes PM spamming, chat or other inappropriate types of speech. Be kind with everyone, this is a game that is meant to be enjoyed.
    Respect all players and especially admins. Admins are here to help you and to make your gaming experience better, so respect their decisions and what they say.

  • No quitting / pausing

    Quitting during a fight to avoid death or pausing is not allowed. If you need to go AFK quit the game and rejoin when you return. Paused player are automatically kicked by the server.

  • One account

    Using multiple accounts is forbidden. Creating multiple accounts and using them at once is not allowed and will get all of your accounts disabled. Stick to one account, use /newlife to reset your stats or /changename if you want to change your nickname.

  • No abuse

    Do not abuse any weapon glitch, this includes cbugging, sawn-off bugs and any other weapon glitch (this rule is not applicable in arenas, and sometimes in duels). Do not abuse any game bug, this includes server and client bugs. If you experience any bug, report it on the forum for it to be patched.

  • No base rape

    Base rape is a term used by most of the community to indicate killing players in their bases using heavy vehicles. Do not attack enemy bases with heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicles are powerful weapons that are forbidden to be used inside bases.

  • No score farming

    Score farming is abusively capturing zones with an enemy in order to illegally gain score points. For more information of what score farming is, visit our FAQ page.

  • No advertising

    Do not advertise anything on the server, forum or IRC channel. This includes links to websites, IPs or any other way of gaining users.

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