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How To Play

This is a team death-match server. Your aim is to kill as many enemies as you can in order to increase your score and thus increasing your rank.

Familiarize yourself

  • Most importantly start with the server rules. Every player should be aware of them in order to avoid trouble.
  • Assuming that you are connected to the server, if not check the how to connect manual and be sure to register your account. This is an important step to mark yourself part of WWV and save your stats.
  • Choose the team of your choice. There are 5 teams on the server for you to choose, with you can play with your team mates except for the mercenary which gives you the advantage of being alone.
  • Check the color manual below:
    • Eurasia
    • Arabs
    • Soviet
    • USA
    • Australia
    • Mercenary
    • Minigun arena players
    • DM arena players
    • Cbug arena players
    • Dueling players
    • On duty admins
    • Connecting or dead players


In order to unlock abilities and server features you need to gain score and increase you rank. Your rank allows you to choose a class to spawn with. Classes gives you some features that are unique to others. To view a list of the features see our class manual here.

How to basics

Assuming that you never played SA:MP before, here are some tips to get you on the right track.
Once you connect to the server, you need to spawn in order to start playing. You will be automatically redirected to the team selection. Choose a team using the left/right arrows and hit spawn (or press shift) to proceed.

How To Spawn Image

After you spawn, you are given your weapons according to the class you chose. If you are a new player, you are to choose the Assault class which is the basic class for anyone to start. The Assault class provides you with basic weapons and powerful ones.

To fire a weapon, press and hold the right mouse button to aim and fire using the left mouse button.

How To Move Image

Once you are able to protect yourself on foot, you need to get a vehicle for faster and safer transportation. To get inside a vehicle, you need to stand next to the vehicle and hit Enter(or F).

How To Drive Image

If you successfully entered the vehicle, use the arrows to drive or the W A S and D keys on your keyboard. Some people also modify the options in which you can steer using your mouse (check your game options for this).

Most of the game information is displayed in the chat box (top left) or as messages on your screen. To send messages press T or F6 to open the message bar and enter a text. To enter a command you need to use the / prefix which indicates a command. Commands are used to interact with the server and use more of its functions. Most of the commands are familiar and similar to their actions. For instance, to kill yourself you need to type /kill and then hit Enter.

For a full list of commands, please visit our commands page.

With this, you have covered the most basic SA:MP features. For more help type /help or /commands in-game.

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