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Players can unlock achievements and access extra game features along with rewards! Type /ach for a list of your current achievements in-game.

A Loyal Soldier Register an account.
Read The Rules Read WWV server rules.
Report Them Report someone for rulebreaking/cheating.
10 K/D Hit a 10 KD ratio.
Go Pro Early Kill 2000 enemy soldiers.
The Ghost Killer Kill 10000 enemy soldiers.
Legends Never Die Kill 50000 enemy soldiers.
Eargasm Listen to the radio.
Dead by Dawn 5 hours of continuous playing.
WVV Killer Achieve 50000 score points.
The Bonus Winner Capture a bonused zone.
Trained Up Hit your 50 killing spree.
Leave No One Behind Hit your 100 killing spree.
Tower of Babble Hit your 500 killing spree.
No Man Left Hit your 500 session kills.
Let it Rain Launch 100 nuke rockets.
Death From Above Call 100 airstrikes.
Toxin Drops Launch 100 toxic rockets.
No One Escapes Alive Play as Mercenary.
Enemy Dweller Play as a spy.
A Donating Player Get the donor rank.
Little Boy Kill 30+ enemies with a nuke bomb.
Gatling Boss 500 consecutive minigun kills.
WWV Chainsaw Massacre 20 consecutive chainsaw slays.
Eagle Eye Long distance sniper kill (450+).
The Last Wave Short distance sniper kill (10-).
Be Efficient Perform 50 headshots.
Dropped Dead Perform 100 headshots.
Kill Everyone You Meet Perform 500 headshots.
Always Hard Capture 5000 zone.
End The Boss End someone's 50+ killing spree.
Deagle Eagle Kill 2500 players with a deagle.
Sawed Everyone Off Kill 5000 players with a sawn-off.
UZI Hero 50 UZI sprees.
Supply Dropper Finish a Supply Drop Mission.
Super Aim Finish a Shooting Mission.
A Fiver Unlock Rank 5.
The Little Captain Unlock Rank 10.
Cereal Killer Unlock Rank 17.
God Like Unlock Rank 21.
The Fastest Finish a cargo delivery mission.
The Collector Pickup 500 Weapons.
Found Them Locate someone.
Help Help! Call for backup!
Who Am I? Change your nickname.
I Own The Air Target 800 SAMs.
The Land Is Mine Plant a mine.
My First Vehicle! Buy a land or air vehicle.
My First Mission! Start a mission.
I Have an Email! Set an email.
I Have The Ammo! Get the bag from Arms Dealer.
Good Deal Finish an Arms Dealer deal.
Trusted Person WWV tag holder
I See Death... Watch a duel
Traitor! Kill a member of your clan
Money Is Power Hold $10,000,000 at a time.
Fall From Above Paratroop using the paratrooper class
I'm Equipped! Purchase a backpack
Vendor? Soldier! Purchase a backpack item
Fully Loaded Purchase a backpack weapon
Enemies All Around Join a clan war
Challenger Win a Daily Challenge
Royale Gamer Win a Battle Royale Mode
Gun Hero Win a Gun Game round
Gun Master Win 10 Gun Game rounds
Best Gunner in Town Kill 100 Gun Game players
I C You Four Plant a C4
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